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Lost to Alzheimer’s May 5, 2011

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The loss of  a dear one to  an unsuspecting and incurable disease left us all in uttermost misery.It all started about four years back.My mother-in-law was a very active lady who was going about her daily chores without any difficulty and she would never trouble anyone for anything-very adjustable and loving to all.One night at around 2 am she had a  voluminous vomitting-along with blood.She was hospitalised and was on treatment for ulcer.These bouts of vomiting repeated once in 2 or 3 months on a regular basis for a year.Each time she would  be wheel-chaired to the hospital and would be brought back after some routine tests like endoscopy and also injections.

Thereafter started her mental decline.She would become very fussy for trivial matters and needed a lot of coaxing  to go about her daily activities.We were not aware that it was due to changes in her brain that was causing all these behavioral problems.When we approached a neurologist, he suggested a CT scan of the brain and explained the problem to us.I did hear the name of the disease Alz… but I had never spared a thought as to what the symptoms or what the disease is about.She was 92 when she fell a victim to it.

She suffered with it for about 3 years.Gradually she lost her memory.She could not recognise people.She would recognise only her son and would eat only if he was around.She would refuse to take a bath.She would ask for only a red nightie everyday.So we made it a point to buy her only red ones.While having lunch her wish would be to have mango-season or no season!The fact that mangoes are not available in winter would not register in her brain.It was a task taking care of her with patience but truly I will not see any other person with such determination that she went about doing things-especially bringing up four children-2 girls and 2 boys-with no education,after the demise of my father-in-law.